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From Autumn To Ashes

The Fiction We Live
Format: CD

From Autumn to Ashes - The Fiction We Live - CD

Like most forms of music, hard rock (or heavy metal) has witnessed some changes and cycles over the years. We've seen all types of "hair" metal bands come and go, we've seen rap metal dominate, and we've seen bands like Pantera continue to successfully chug out the speed metal. A new brand of hard rock has now hit the scene. It's a hybrid of metal, hardcore, punk and "emo" and it's called From Autumn to Ashes.

Hailing from Long Island, NY, FATA (as they are so often referred to) have built a loyal following by playing with a whole host of different bands featuring different styles (Finch, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Warped Tour). The results have been impressive: over 50,000 units sold of their debut album, "Too Bad You're Beautiful". Helping cross over to the metal side was easy considering metal/hardcore indie Ferret Records was their home for this release. With "Too Bad..." still selling over 600 cop

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