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The Bled

Pass the Flask
Format: CD

Track List
1 Red Wedding
2 You Know Who’s Seatbelt
3 I Never Met Another Gemini
4 Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
5 Sound of Sulfur
6 Porcelain Hearts and Hammers For Teeth
7 Get Up You Son of a Bitch, Cause Mickey Loves Ya
8 Spitshine Sonata
9 We Are The Industry
10 Nothing We Say Leaves This Room
11 His First Crush
12 Anvil Pinata
13 Swatting Flies With a Wrecking Ball
14 Glitterbomb
15 F is for Forensics
16 John Wayne Newton
17 Meredith
18 My Cyanide Catharsis (featuring Emily Long)
19 OK, But Here’s How It Really Happened
20 Hotel Coral Essex (original recording)
21 Lay On My Cot (K-Note Freestyle featuring MC JayRay)

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